Thank you for booking a Wardrobe Workout with me. I’m excited to work with you and just wanted to send through some more information on what we’ll need, what to expect and how to prepare for your consultation.


As well as filling out the questionnaire below, I’d like you to take a look at Pinterest and start a board of Style Inspiration (outfits, colour schemes, interiors or other things you’re drawn to). Don’t worry about whether an outfit would suit your colouring or bodyshape, just choose things that speak to you. Don’t overthink it (you can make it secret if you like). Take a look at my Pinterest account and in particular the Style Icon board, as we’ll be choosing a style icon or a few to help define your unique style.

I will also need you to fill out the Lifestyle Analysis (I should have sent you a link to this already).


  • For the colour consultation, please wear no makeup (not even a tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream) and preferably no fake tan on your face, neck or chest. You are of course welcome to take your makeup off and reapply as soon as we’re done.

  • You can wear whatever you like (maybe even a favourite outfit), but please avoid high necklines like polo necks.

  • For the wardrobe session, there will be lots of trying on, so please wear a good bra (nude if possible) and a slip is quite useful to ease getting changed a lot. I recommend your usual hair & makeup, as we’ll be looking in the mirror a lot.


If I’m coming to your home, for the colour analysis, we will need:

  • A North-facing window (or a window that gets no direct sunlight).

  • A window ledge or small table for me to put my mirror.

  • A dining room height chair for you to sit on.

  • For the style part of the consultation, a dining table or comfortable seating would be great.

  • For the wardrobe workout, we need:

    • A full length mirror in the room

    • All your clothes in the room (check washing basket for any favourite items!).

    • Shoes, jewellery, scarves and bags easily accessible (preferably in the same room, on the bed is usually good)

    • Unless you have any major objections, we’ll be transferring your tops and dresses on to non-slip velvet hangers if they aren’t on them already (I charge £10 for 25 (I carry a stock of around 100, which should be enough if you have an average-sized wardrobe) - you’re welcome to buy from me or buy from the shops beforehand. Clip hangers are best for trousers and skirts, but trousers can work on the non-slip hangers. We’re aiming to make your wardrobe look like a bespoke boutique, full of items and outfits you love and can’t wait to wear, so the hangers are important (trust me)! Hanging space is also really important - whilst we’ll be folding certain items like knitwear and jeans either on shelves or in drawers, the majority of your clothes should be hung so that you can see it and know where to find everything.


  • I’ll start by confirming your main aims for the wardrobe edit.

  • We have a window of about 3 hours, which is good for most average-sized wardrobes, so if you have a very large wardrobe, we will need to prioritise what’s most important for the coming season, or even book a subsequent 2 hour session for £97.

  • We’ll then do a brief review of your Style File and remind ourselves of your Style Recipe, which we’ll be referring to often!

  • I’ll ask you about how your wardrobe is laid out & where you go to first.

  • We’ll start by looking at items and outfits that you love and I’ll ask you about your favourite outfits for work, lunch with friends, dinner out and an everyday ‘at-home’ outfit - you can prepare these in advance if you would like to.

  • We’ll then start looking at items you rarely wear or haven’t worn for over a year and do some elimination (or reintroduction).

  • As we go along, we’ll look at outfits, different ways to style them and we’ll put new outfits together and I’ll take photos for you so you have a reference for future.


  • You will probably get your swatch during the consultation (in the rare case I’m out of stock of your particular swatch, I will send it to you as soon as I can).

  • I will email you a link to your Colour Palette Guide.

  • I will send you a personalised Style File containing all the information we will have discussed during the session.

  • You will also be invited to join my free private Facebook group for clients only - or click here to join the VIP Style Lounge now - where you can ask further questions, post pictures and query any items that you aren’t sure about.

  • Following a wardrobe workout, a personal shopping trip is £175 for a 3 hour session.

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