Thank you for booking a place on the Workshop with me. I’m excited to work with you and just wanted to send through some more information and a questionnaire for you to fill out beforehand. This isn’t mandatory, but obviously the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it!


As well as filling out the questionnaire below (I know I’ve mentioned this to some of you already), I’d like you to take a look at Pinterest and start a board of Style Inspiration (outfits, colour schemes, interiors or other things you’re drawn to). Don’t worry about whether an outfit would suit your colouring or bodyshape, just choose things that speak to you. Don’t overthink it (you can make it secret if you like). Take a look at my Pinterest account and in particular the Style Icon board, as we’ll be choosing a style icon or a few to help define your unique style.

As well as the questionnaire below, you can also fill out the Lifestyle Analysis, which often uncovers some mismatches between our lives and what our wardrobe looks like.


  • Please don’t stress about what to wear! There is no judgement from me or anybody else - just wear what you feel comfortable in. It can get quite warm in the room (although we can open the windows!), so might be good to wear layers or something cool if it’s a hot day.

  • For the best colour consultation, it would be really helpful if you could wear minimal makeup (I usually ask people not to wear makeup at all, but I for one wouldn’t be happy not wearing any makeup to something like this). Eyeliner and bold lipsticks can throw off the results (mascara is fine), so if you could avoid that, that would be great. But if that’s your signature look and you don’t leave the house without it, then we’ll work around it! I’m happy for you to take off makeup and reapply, whatever you’re comfortable doing.


You don’t need to bring anything with you, except your phones for access to your Pinterest account (if you don’t want to use Pinterest, any Google images you’ve saved or magazine cut outs are fine). You could also bring up to 3 items of clothing with you - they could be items you struggle to style or things you’re unsure about. Or you might want to bring your favourite item to talk about. I can’t guarantee we’ll have time to go through the items in detail but we can definitely use them to see whether they fit your colours (if it’s your favourite item and it doesn’t fit your colours, don’t worry, you can still keep it!)!


  • You will get two mini swatches after your colour consultation (you can order a full swatch for £40, if you think you’d like one).

  • You will also get a link to your Colour Palette Guide.

  • You’ll get a Style Workbook (and a pen) where you can make notes and add in extra information.

  • You will also be invited to join my free private Facebook group for clients only - or click here to join the VIP Style Lounge now - where you can ask further questions, post pictures and query any items that you aren’t sure about.

  • Following the workshop, you have the option of booking a Wardrobe Workout for £197 (£150 off) and following the wardrobe workout, a personal shop is £175 (based on 3 hours at Bluewater).

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What do you like about it and how does it make you feel?
Think about favourite colours, patterns (stripes, florals, geometrics etc), textures (stiff, fluffy, furry), styles, fabrics (wool, linen, cotton, manmade) and more.
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