Alongside your body shape, your body proportions are also an important thing to know about. If you have a long body and short legs or a short body with long legs, then sometimes the body proportions rules can be more important for your overall look. When the body shape rules and proportion rules conflict, then it is a matter of trial and error and finding out which looks you feel most comfortable with.


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The goal is to make the legs look as long as possible:

  1. Be wary of cropped trousers as they can shorten your legs (a flash of ankle works well though)

  2. Tucking gives the illusion of longer legs

  3. Front tuck works just as well and is flattering for all body shapes

  4. No low waists – mid-rise, natural waist & high rise

  5. Monochromatic dressing

  6. Dresses or skirts as we don’t know where your legs are! Knee length skirts better than midi but midi can be done if long enough to just show the slimmest part of your leg at the ankle

  7. Keep jackets shorter – end around or above your hip bone

  8. Low vamp shoes or tone shoes to your trousers or tights

long body short legs


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The goal is to make the legs and body look more in proportion:

  1. Elongate your body with vertical details and diagonal details above the waist

  2. Avoid belting at the waist, or look for hip belts

  3. Don’t tuck – or blouse if you do

  4. Empire waist or dropped waistlines

  5. Don’t end tops above your hip bones

  6. High vamp shoes can work if you have very long legs

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