One thing I do that helps me evolve my style

Style is not something that you should ever really stop working on. It’s never truly finished.

I mean, imagine if you decided on a look you loved at aged 24 and stuck with it… it’s potentially not going to be sophisticated enough for you at 44. Not to mention fashions changing over the years (even if the 90s is back in again, it’s not quite the same iteration).

The best thing I’ve been doing for the past few years is taking an outfit selfie (I admit I’ve fallen off the wagon on this front so it’s as much a reminder to me to do it as it is a recommendation to you). You don’t need to share your photo with anyone but yourself - although if you do feel called to put it on Instagram, you’ll find a community of very supportive ladies there. On a daily basis, it’s a good check to see whether you’ve missed something obvious - a third piece or a focal point of some sort. You tend to focus more objectively on the outfit and how it’s working in a photo than you do looking in the mirror (when we tend to focus on the bits of ourselves we aren’t so keen on).

Some of my late Summer outfits this year!

Some of my late Summer outfits this year!

On a longer term basis, it’s good to see how much you evolve and it’s also great to keep a file of favourite outfits that can be easily repeated.

And it’s always good to be able to look at the fails too. And actually, as I learned very early on in my career in advertising when I didn’t proofread a calendar and lost my Christmas bonus, it’s good to get things wrong, as you learn so much more from your mistakes and trying to push the boundaries than you do from staying in your safe zone.

So if you do post at outfit selfie on Instagram, I’d love to see - tag me @rebeccaffranconstyle in your post.