Monday blues

Apparently today is Blue Monday - or is it next Monday? Or is it every Monday in January?

So what better time to think more about a pretty brilliant colour - purportedly the world’s favourite colour! I mean it’s the colour of jeans so it must be good because jeans go with everything. Despite its associations with sadness, the colour of the best skies are blue, and when we see blue, it actually releases oxytocin - if you’ve ever prepared for giving birth, you’ll know this as the love hormone, the happy hormone! Blue is considered to be the friendliest colour, it can have a calming effect and is seen as a colour that lends credibility and trust. Sounds like a pretty good colour to wear on Blue Monday to me!

Navy blue is a universal colour that can be worn by all, and there is a shade of blue for every skin tone despite it being a naturally cool colour. If you have a cool skin tone and blue eyes, then blue should be your go-to colour. Those with a warm skin tone can and should wear blue too - just a warmer version.

The great thing about blue is that it can be worn with pretty much any other colour and acts well as the hero or the supporting act. Navy and denim act as neutral backdrops, with brighter blues stealing the show. Just be wary of pairing with orange if you have a cool skin tone - if you love it and want to try it, just keep it away from your face.

Here are just a few beautiful combinations to wear with blue on any day!

Blue Monday creative colour combinations