What's involved in a colour analysis?

So what exactly is involved in a colour analysis?

Do you remember the scene in Harry Potter with the sorting hat? It’s a bit like that… ok, not really, although it IS magical!

I use a system called the Absolute Colour System, which is a system devised by founders of the Academy of Professional Image, who I trained with. They realised that colour analysis had evolved beyond the traditional four-season colour system, and created this wonderful system of 18 colour palettes. It also has some wonderfully-named palettes, which is my favourite part of revealing which palette people are - Spicy, Sublime, Opulent, Elegant, Exotic, Dramatic... most people love their assigned palette name and it’s also very evocative of the colours within the palette. 


Firstly I look at your colouring and ascertain whether you are overall light or deep.


I then use my warm/cool colour cards and drapes to ascertain whether you have a cool or warm undertone. This is where the four season colour analysis would end, but the Absolute Colour System then goes on to determine the brightness of your colouring and palette. The four colour season is great if you fit into one of the four palettes, but this system takes it a step further for those of us that don’t quite slot in! So there’s a colour palette for you, rather than you being grouped into a broader category.


Then I will drape you with 5 drapes and we start fine-tuning what colours suit you best. Going from brightest to softest, we look at which colours compliment your natural colouring best, and then when we’re down to the final two options, I use the full swatches and then your colour palette will reveal itself.

So it’s not half as scary as the sorting hat!


We will also look at your signature colours and practice using the swatch, as it does take a bit of practice. We also cover your best neutrals, best metals, makeup colours and colours for glasses (if you wear them).


Colour analysis with this gorgeous Sublime lady.